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Friday, August 18, 2006

Steet Parking

E K M A R K & E K M A R K, L.L.C.


[NOTE: This article is posted with permission by EKMARK & EKMARK, L.L.C.]

A question that often arises is whether an association has the right to enforce a restriction in the Declaration prohibiting parking on the streets within the association. If the streets within the association are private, the association clearly has the right to enforce a provision in the Declaration or Rules and Regulations prohibiting on-street parking.

Likewise, even if the streets within the association are public and the city permits parking on those streets, the association probably has the right to enforce a restriction in the Declaration prohibiting owners, residents and their guests from parking on the street. Although Arizona courts have not addressed this issue, other courts have found that the association may prevent parking on public streets. In these cases, the courts held that because the Declaration is a contract between the owners and the association, the owners are bound by the terms of the Declaration, regardless of whether the streets belong to the city. Therefore, the association could obtain an injunction prohibiting the owners from parking on the streets.

The Declaration will often have restrictions that are more restrictive than what is allowed by the city. For example, the association may deny architectural approval for a modification to a structure even if the modification does not violate any city code. The same philosophy applies to parking on the street. The association may prevent owners, and/or their residents or tenants, from parking on the street because the Declaration specifically prohibits parking on the street. However, the association probably cannot enact a rule prohibiting parking on public streets, if such restriction is not also included in the Declaration.

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