Monday, November 19, 2007


Each quarter, an employee is selected to be the recipient of this recognition.

Debbie Rudd, Community Manager, has been chosen as “Employee of the Quarter”!!! In so many ways, Debbie has made a direct impact on the association’s she manages….her dedication, caring spirit, and her superb ability to form strong relationships with all of her board member clients, vendors, and team members have played a part in this recognition.

Debbie was a receptionist at the start of her community management career, then moved into an administrative assistant position, which groomed her to soon thereafter, be promoted to her current role as a Community Manager.

Not only does Debbie display top-notch customer service in every capacity, but is a dedicated team player who always rises above her expected role and into a role that gives a perfect definition to “above and beyond”!!

Congratulations, Debbie!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Homeowners Association Tip of the Week - Telephonic Board Meetings

E K M A R K & E K M A R K, L.L.C.

The vast majority of individuals who serve on their association’s board of directors lead exceedingly busy lives. Many board members travel extensively or live in different cities or states depending on the season. It is often tough to schedule meetings at a time and place that accommodate the needs of individual board members.

Under the Arizona Nonprofit Corporation Act, however, a board of directors may permit any or all of its directors to participate in a regular or special meeting by telephone. This rule applies to all nonprofit corporations, which includes most planned communities and condominiums.

There are only two limitations to the rule. First, if the association’s articles of incorporation, bylaws, or CC&Rs state that all board meetings must be in person, the board must meet in person. Second, all the directors participating must be able to simultaneously hear each other during the meeting.

Thus, unless the association’s documents require otherwise, the board may allow board members who are not present in person to participate in a board meeting by speaker phone so long as all board members can hear each other. The board could also hold a board meeting where all board members participate by conference call.

Finally, if the association is a planned community or a condominium, it must still provide notice of the board meeting to members. Further, the meeting must be open to members, unless it is an executive session that may be closed for one of the reasons enumerated by statute. If all board members are participating by conference call, a speaker phone should be made available at a place where members can attend and participate in the manner permitted by law.

The information contained in this Homeowners Association Tip of the Week© is for informational purposes only and is not specific legal advice or a substitute for specific legal counsel. Readers should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.

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