Thursday, December 03, 2009


By Elaine Anghel

The holidays are quickly drawing near and it is a time when we spend joyous, spirited times with our loved ones. It is also a time when we appreciate being surrounded by the people who we care about, and realize that not everyone has that same ability.

The Tri-City team has partnered with two of the community association law firms who provide legal services to many of our clients, with a goal to help make a difference in providing to those in need.

Ekmark & Ekmark has partnered with a charity called “Project Christmas”. This charity will provide gifts to children and families who will be spending this holiday season at the Phoenix Children’s hospital. The vision of Project Christmas is to distribute gifts and toys to the families and children who will be spending this holiday season in the hospital. Their hope is that these children and families will know they are loved, thought of, and treasured during this difficult time.

If you would like to make a contribution, please provide your donation to Tri-City, who will be partnering with Ekmark & Ekmark in pursuit of the collection of toys and donations. Alternatively, you may drop your donation off directly to Ekmark’s offices. The deadline is December 11, 2009.

Gift ideas – gift cards, instrumental CD’s, light up/noisemaking toys, cars/trucks/ airplanes, baby dolls (hard dolls only), arts & crafts, Princess or Barbie toys, board games & card games, DVD movies (Disney releases, new releases, appropriate teen comedies), Legos, books, and playdough.

Please bring only new toys and gifts; no cloth items are accepted. Just remember, they are hoping most of this can be used in a hospital setting and they are for children of all ages.

Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado & Wood has organized a “Cancel out Hunger” Food Drive for St. Mary’s Food Bank.

Our management team has collected donations in excess of $1,600 from many of the vendors that service your communities. With those donations, hundreds of cans of food will be purchased and “can structures” will be built in a competitive team environment to display the efforts of all the collections that have been received. The law firm created a fun way to participate, encouraging donations, and all for an amazing cause! After the December 11, 2009 event, we will post photos of our team’s can structure to our website to display the results of their campaign to raise donations. If you would like to donate to this food drive, please talk to your association manager.


Vanessa Dwight – the epitome of a true Team Player…….
Vanessa began working at Tri-City in 1978, which makes her an authority in this industry and able to speak of the vast changes that have transpired in this industry. Throughout her career with Tri-City, Vanessa has worked in various positions, but may feel the most at home, in Accounting. Vanessa has an uncanny ability to remember specific details about owners, which is amazing considering the number of owners we have had in three and a half decades.  When she can remember that Mr. Wagner at Sands Scottsdale also owns a home in Villa San Marcos, and can properly apply his payments to his accounts, you just shake your head and wonder how she remembers that out of the 14,000+ payments she applies each month.
When we had to come to Vanessa a few years ago and ask her to help us again with the management of some communities, in addition to her accounting work, she said okay. Recently, when we were able to relieve her of that additional responsibility, she truly seemed to miss the extra contact with the board and community members. Vanessa always greets homeowners and her co-workers with a smile and her pleasant demeanor. Truly, her glass is always half “full”. We are happy to bestow this honor on Vanessa – a truly deserving member of our TEAM.