Friday, October 07, 2011


Each year the Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) recognizes the individual efforts of CAAM® certified managers and CAASP support professionals and Affiliate partners who have made contributions above and beyond the course of their normal duties.

This year Tri-City nominated Debbie Rudd for the Level I (communities with 300 or less units), Manager of the Year category for the AACM G.E.M. Awards. Debbie was recommended for going above and beyond in efforts to service our clients.

Debbie’s exemplary performance is why she was nominated by Tri-City for the Manager of the Year Award. Debbie puts forth great efforts on behalf of all of her portfolio clients, but we specifically highlight her accomplishments for one of our client communities.

Tri-City took over management of a 241 unit client which had been self-managed for over three decades. The Community Board was in need of direction and the community finances were extremely low. Debbie, with her drive and work ethic, recognized areas of need and went to work, keeping in mind the financial challenges the community had. In less than eight months, the community’s Operating Account and Reserve Account went from $20,000 and $4,000 to $117,000 and $316,000 respectively.

Debbie, with her education, training and natural forethought reviewed all contracts, invoices and expenses and questioned each item and made suggestions to the board where expenses could be trimmed and efficiencies made.

Having gained control of expenses, the community was able to build up their reserve account to take care of needed items. Not only did the community eventually have enough cash on hand to meet their on-going expenses, but were able to adequately fund their reserve account. This enabled the community to bring their pool into Federal Compliance from the available reserves without a special assessment to the members of the community.

In addition to being able to meet Federal Guidelines to bring their pool into compliance, the community was able to remodel and make improvements to the pool’s common area. This was all done with funds on hand.

The executive team at Tri-City was so pleased with Debbie’s foresight and expertise in handling her portfolio and this particular client, that we nominated her for the Manager of the Year category for the annual AACM G.E.M. awards. An independent committee reviewed all the submissions from various management companies and chose Debbie as the winner of the Level I , Manager of Year. We are extremely proud of Debbie and her accomplishments. We are very proud and happy to recognize her for her dedicated service to our clients and Tri-City. Congratulations Debbie!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Tri-City office will be closed Monday, Oct. 10, 2011, in observance of Columbus Day

The Tri-City office will be closed on Monday, October 10, 2011, in observance of Columbus Day. The office will reopen Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Thank You!